Hello you lovely festive folks!

I have been super busy doing Vlogmas for the 2nd time running and thought I better share it here – so here you are:


I wanted to give you something for keeps from my Vlogmas too and that’s the songs that I have been using – One is my version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and the other is Stephen’s old band Revere’s version of Silent Night (which also features yours truly on backing vocals!)

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

Silent Night

If you want to hear/watch them live plus other Christmas covers and our own songs come and join us at our Annual Christmas Online concert!
All details and tickets here: https://www.stageit.com/gabby_young_and_stephen_ellis/annual_online_christmas_show/63512



Hello I’m Gabby! When I’m not singing with my band 'Gabby Young' I’m mainly sewing, dreaming about fabrics, patterns or knitting and vlogging or blogging about it all! Come join me! Xox Gabby
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  1. please offer the concert to buy after you guys do it. It is too late for me in the U.S. but I would love to see it. Mary

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