From Stitch To Stage… and the winners are!!

Well hello you lovely lot,

When I started ‘From Stitch To Stage’ it was all about giving creative people an outlet to design and make something outrageous that they might not get a chance to wear and of course a way to represent our wonderful crafty community on the stages I perform on but what I hadn’t anticipated is the end point – the bit where I am the only judge and being sent parcels and pictures of stunning garments. I just didn’t quite comprehend how hard the judging part would be – the answer is VERY HARD!  Every single entry had time, love, imagination and creativity poured into it and I felt overwhelmed by every detail. I really did. I also loved getting to know you and really enjoyed all our correspondence – it was amazing to have a glimpse of your worlds. Thankyou all so much!

So that is why it took me almost a month to make my decision – it was just so difficult to decide on the winner and runners-up. In the end I have gone with what I know… the outfits I most want to wear on stage, which suit my show and will create amazing visual experiences for the audiences. These are my winners but please know that EVERY entry is amazing and I am so so thankful to everyone that entered – you have a very special place in my heart.



When I saw the original sketch for this on instagram I had a feeling this would be in the running and the finished item exceeded expectations. From the that fact the words on the sleeves are ‘Gabby’ and ‘Young’ in Japanese to the David Bowie ribbon facing inside and those 3D flowers all down the back – this is a true showstopper and I can’t WAIT to wear it on stage, at shows and of course for the photoshoot and the exclusive video. SO much work and talent has gone into this outfit!! Thankyou so much Joanne and CONGRATULATIONS!!

@jobrookeflattery on instagram



Wow – this dress makes me smile so much – it’s absolutely brilliant!! Eira made this charity shop bed sheets, using stencils and freehand machine embroidery for my face which just blows me away and the upcycle nature makes me even happier!  I will definitely get a blue wig to wear with this dress and I’m so excited to twirl around in this many petticoated beauty! Thankyou Eira!

@HoffiCoffi_gwnio on instagram



This silver ‘Valykrie’ Dress just needs to be worn on stage – it’s a brilliant piece of simple yet effective costume and I love it. Expertly sewn, this is a warrior look that I think will get a lot of wear on festival stages in particular – the lights catch the sequinned shoulder pads beautifully and I think it’s going to create some amazing visuals with my band! Thankyou Tara!

@extac33 on instagram



Laura wrote to me originally to say that she is just a beginner dressmaker and wasn’t sure she should join in but decided to give it a shot, so of course I expected something a ‘beginner’ would make. When this package arrived through my door I had to double check this was the same Laura – this is the most advanced sewing I’ve ever seen – not only has she taken on lots of tricky fabrics that most sewists are terrified of but she’s added wiring to the skirt and so many details I can’t begin to even understand – I am totally in awe of this make. Also I have to mention the extras that just made me so very happy – the embroidery inside the skirt says ‘I just want to make you smile’ and the brilliant corsage says ‘ Fearless flyer’ both lyrics from my songs. To be honest this outfit made me cry a little bit. This was EXACTLY why I did this challenge to get creatives like Laura stretching their skills but I had no idea to what extent they could stretch – you are the fearless flyer here, Laura, thankyou!

@lauralee_luvs on instagram


I just love this versatile showstopping dress! Julia got inspired by  “The Monastic Dress” by the U.S. designer Clare McCardell (1938) to make this stunning dress that I can’t wait to get on stage! It can be worn so many different ways to create completely different feels and those colours – wow! Thankyou Julia!

@julecatrin on instagram


I’m a serious cape lover and I think this is the best cape I’ve ever seen! Sarah has nailed it with this one! Amazing colours, textures and details and POM POMS – this will stand out on any stage and  I can’t wait to see all its glory in photos. Thankyou Sarah!

@sarahojugo on instagram

I will be in touch with all of you very soon to arrange how to get your prizes to you! EXCITING!! 🙂

So that’s all the winning entries but I wanted to end with a gallery with some of the others that stood out to me – all of them are blooming brilliant and I hope they all enjoyed making them as much as I LOVED seeing them!


What an amazing challenge – I’m so so happy I kick started something that created so many incredible moments.


I’ll be back on stage next week so plenty of pictures are coming your way of the winning entries in action as well as a proper photoshoot (and VIDEO of the grand prize winner) so watch this space!

All the freaking love in the world!

Hello I’m Gabby! When I’m not singing with my band 'Gabby Young' I’m mainly sewing, dreaming about fabrics, patterns or knitting and vlogging or blogging about it all! Come join me! Xox Gabby
  1. Beautiful wil be looking good on the stage gabby.

  2. All of these are incredible!! It’s easy to see why it was a near impossible task to choose! The sewing community is utterly fabulous, isn’t it?

  3. Fabulous!

  4. Well done to the winners They are amazing!!!
    I enjoyed taking part thanks for the opportunity xx

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