From Stitch To Stage … Challenge!

Hello everyone!!

Well today I come to you with something that I’ve been cooking up for a while – a fellow sewing vlogger/blogger Zoe Sews mentioned last summer that she would love to design me a stage outfit and that seed planted an idea… a challenge to the whole crafting community to make OUTRAGEOUS stage outfits that they probably won’t get a chance to wear themselves but that I could show off for them on stage!! I admit that my husband came up with a similar idea a while ago but it didn’t sit easy with me until I got to know more about the sewing community and how supportive they are of not just my sewing but my music too. I have wanted to marry my two worlds for a while and the moment Zoe said that, and other sewists agreed I realised this was the best way to do it… so here is my challenge…

The chance to design and make the wildest, most eccentric stage outfit you could possibly imagine!

I have put together this webpage to tell you more – with info on the PRIZES, (they are AMAZING!!) the SPONSORS, inspirational images, T&Cs and my measurements of course!

Also here is a downloadable ‘Gabby Croquis’ for you to put down your ideas! It’s by an amazing illustrator called Sarah Hughes and I am besotted with how cute they are!

Here is a long(ish) rambling video all about it too and the reason why I’m starting this challenge:

I hope you are excited to try something completely different,  maybe team up, think outside the box and make something showstopping! The only rule is it has to handmade – other than that anything goes!! (But do check the T&Cs!)


Please feel free to throw ANY questions at me – here or email me

Sew much love, encouragement and excited anticipation,

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