My February Minerva Make – A Coat For Hobbes!!

Happy Saturday all!

I’m so excited to share this blog so I’ll just get on and do it but, just so you know I have not forgotten my poor old blog and I have plans to give it some love and more posts very soon!

Anyway this month’s Minerva make is not for me- it’s for my little dog, Hobbes – much to his dismay – it’s a dog coat!

Click on picture or here to pop on over to Minerva Craft’s Blogger Network to read all about it


Have a wonderful weekend all!

My January Minerva Make – The ‘nearly finished’ Red Cardigan

Jan 9, 2017 | Posted by in knitting, Minerva Crafts Blogger Network | Comments Off on My January Minerva Make – The ‘nearly finished’ Red Cardigan

Well hello there!!

It appears to be a new year since I last spoke to you so with the risk of sounding ‘so last week’ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have things to blog about and lots of exciting things to share soon but I’m just whizzing past to show you my latest Minerva make – a lovely red cardigan… here’s the post on Minerva Crafts:

I have now finished this cardigan, it’s being blocked and I will get some photos and post the finished article soon!!

I’ll be back!


Dec 12, 2016 | Posted by in christmas, VLOG, Vlogmas | Comments Off on HAPPY VLOGMAS!!

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s been looking a look like Christmas for a while now and I am about as festive as they get so this year I decided to take it to the screen and film a daily vlog in December – up to and including Christmas Eve. Yes, they are a lot of work and when I only had a few hours sleep on tour and chose to edit instead of sleep I could understand why people think I’m crazy doing it but they are SO MUCH FUN!

So I thought I better bring the festive cheer over to my blog too so here you are… you will see a lot of festive happenings, Stephen (my husband), my band, backstage stuff, our music, my family and of course LOADS of Hobbes!!

((Give it a while to load!))

So HAPPY VLOGMAS everyone!


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