MONETA PARTY – my film noir version…


Moneta Party Time!!

As of yesterday and until tomorrow night 3 of my favourite sewing ladies, Elle (Sew Positivity), Rach (Rach Against The Sewing Machine) and Abi (Sew Abigail) are hosting a totally brilliant online sewing party that I’m sure is no news to any of you! It’s all about making and showing of your version of the brilliant Collette pattern – The Moneta Dress!

I decided to get pattern hacking for this one (and basically for the first time ever) to get a vintage, film noir inspired monochrome Moneta to party in…

HUGE thanks to my gorgeously generous husband for the photos and to the shop keepers of Crouch End for letting us use their walls!

I made the pattern exactly as is but added a yoke with a higher neckline and a self drafted pointed collar with a wide silk ribbon for a touch of glamour! I also made and added piping to the yoke seam which I love and have started a new obsession with piping and my new found love – the overlocker piping foot! WOW!

I also did my first ever toile!!

A very wearable one luckily – I just wanted to play around with collar shapes and check the yoke was in the right place… and then I could cut into the main fabric I had been saving! I changed the collar to be sharper and added piping and the ribbon bow for extra interest!

The fabric is all from my stash and I’m so happy to finally use the flocked mesh I bought when I first started sewing!

I just got lightroom so had a lot of fun adding the film noir style frames to this lot!

I also made a vlog (with the lovely Megan along for some of it) to accompany this blog here:

We’re all about the Moneta Party love!!

I’m having so much fun instastalking the #monetaparty tag – are you or have you already joined in?! I want to see!!

Lots of love and happy Moneta-ing!

The Big Vintage Sewalong!

Evenin all,

I trust you are all well and happy – I’m… well… getting a bit stressed now – only 1 month to go to the big day! Wowzers I still have SO much to do but slowly but surely stuff is being crossed off the list. The flat looks like a wedding craft factory – there are DIY hot air balloons hanging above, boxes of plastic animals, netting, ribbons and chiffon everywhere!! I secretly love it- I’ve always been drawn to stuff, lots of stuff makes me happy!!

Anywho I’m breaking my blog silence for a very good reason… I’m one of the bloggers joining in with Butterick’s Big Vintage Sewalong blogger tour!!

BVSA social media

I’m over the moon to be involved as it’s all the things I love…

Vintage sewing patterns:

You get to choose between an amazing selection of vintage sewing patterns spanning the 1930s to 1960s from Butterick, McCalls & Vogue.

I’ve been a vintage fashion lover for many many years and when I started sewing it was always a goal of mine to make as many vintage patterns as I possibly could. My collection is MASSIVE but I’m not finding the time to delve into as many as I wanted… yet. However this is a great opportunity to make one that I’ve been eyeing up for a while – it’s big, it’s 50s and I LOVE it!

The Sewing Community:

The lovely ladies at The Fold Line asked me onboard the blogger tour for this and I can’t believe the amount of epic inspiring sewing bloggers I am alongside, I’m totally in awe- check this list out! (I’m number 17 BTW!)

The blogger tour:

  1. Friday 11th March  Name: Katie MarcusBlog: What Katie Sews


  2. Friday 25th March  Name: Portia LawrieBlog: Makery


  3. Friday 8th April  Name: Kate UnderdownBlog: The Fold Line


  4. Friday 15th April  Name: Amy ThomasBlog: Almond Rock


  5. Friday 29th April  Name: Elisalex de Castro PeakeBlog: By Hand London


  6. Friday 13th May  Name: Jane MarlandBlog: Handmade Jane


  7. Friday 27th May  Name: Jennifer WalkerBlog: The Gingerthread Girl


  8. Friday 10th June  Name: Lisa ComfortVlog: YouTube Sew Over It


  9. Friday 24th June  Name: Janene SpencerBlog: ooobop


  10. Friday 8th July  Name: Marie KoupparisBlog: A Stitching Odyssey


  11. Friday 15th July  Name: Kerry PattersonBlog: Kestrel Makes


  12. Friday 22nd July  Name: Fiona ParkerBlog: Diary of a Chainstitcher


  13. Friday 29th July  Name: Karen BallBlog: Did You Make That?


  14. Friday 5th August  Name: Laura ClarkeBlog: Sew For Victory


  15. Friday 12th August  Name: Nina ChangBlog: Thumble Nina


  16. Friday 19th August  Name: Charlotte PowellBlog: English Girl at Home


  17. Friday 26th August  Name: Gabby Young (ME!)Blog: Living on a Shoestring


  18. Friday 2nd September  Name: Rachel PinheiroBlog: House of Pinheiro


  19. Friday 9th September  Name: Elena Rose BrownBlog: Randomly Happy


  20. Friday 16th September  Name: Wendy GardinerBlog: Butterick


  21. Friday 23rd September  Name: Winnie LonghurstBlog: Scruffy Badger Time


  22. Friday 30th September  Name: Rachel WalkerBlog: The Fold Line



A very good cause:

The Eve Appeal is a great charity who are working to achieve better detection and prevention of women’s cancers. You can find out more about the work of The Eve Appeal charity here.

The Eve Appeal Charity

This is a charity very close to my heart as the bad health news I talked about last blog is exactly that – I have cancer… again. Ten years after my thyroid was taken out it’s back like a long lost enemy around that area again. I’m OK and I’m going to be fine after surgery and maybe radioactive treatment (if I need it) but yeah… it sucks and I will do everything in my power to stop it affecting my life and as many other people as possible. I’m not blogging this for sympathy but I wanted to just be honest and explain why this charity feels very very important to me. Cancer is sadly everywhere and needs to be stopped.

But mostly I am so excited to make my vintage pattern up- I will be telling all in August but for now here’s a pic of the fabric I chose at a brilliant girly fabric shopping trip in Walthamstow last Saturday.


Isn’t it stunning?!

Oh and the other good part to the Big Vintage Sewalong (#BVsewalong) is…

You can all join in:

You can join in the sew-along by sewing one of the dressmaking patterns from the inspiration vintage edit (all 20 patterns are listed on The Fold Line’s blog all about it here) and the money raised from the sale of each pattern will go towards The Eve Appeal AND I’ll be giving away a copy of pattern that I chose from the collection soon too – it’s an all round brilliant idea and I’m so so happy to be a part of it!

Lots of vintage sewing love,


Sophia Sew-a-long … BONUS GUEST POST – Tiny Stitcher adapts the top pattern for Knits!

Oct 30, 2015 | Posted by in fabric, guest post, other blogs, Sewalongs, sewing, Simple Sew Tutorial, Sophia Sew-a-long, tutorial | Comments Off on Sophia Sew-a-long … BONUS GUEST POST – Tiny Stitcher adapts the top pattern for Knits!

When I saw lovely Lisa’s brilliant jersey version of the Sophia top I knew a lot of you would like to see that adaption so I’m over the moon to introduce my first ‘guest poster’ Tiny Stitcher to show you how…

Well hello there!

I’m here to show you how to make your Sophia Top in jersey and it’s super simple! The only major change is the neckline as it’s bound rather than faced and to do this you have to make a new pattern piece for it.

You need to start by measuring the neckline of your pattern, you can do this by standing your tape measure up and measuring along the front and back neck curve.  You can also use a piece of string and mark the curve length on that, then measure it with your tape measure.


I normally measure it more than once to make sure that the measurement is correct, once you have your measurement you need to take 10% off the amount as your neckband should be 10% smaller than your overall measurement. Now you need to decide how wide you want your neckline to be, I decided to make my 1.5 cm so I drew a rectangle 57 cm x 5 cm as you fold your neckband in half, we’ll get to that later. Now the reason the width is 5 cm not 3 cm is that I’ve added 1 cm for seam allowance on either side, so don’t forget to add that to your pattern piece. Now the final step before you cut it out is to add 1 cm to the length of your neckband, again for seam allowance as the neckband is sewn together. I promise that there’s no more maths involved!!

Now cut out your front and back pieces out of your chosen jersey and cut the neckband on the fold. And we can start sewing!

Firstly you’ll need to stabilize your shoulder seams, you can do this be stitching a cotton tape, invisible tape or even a strip of fabric selvedge, as I have done, to the back shoulder seam. This will stop you shoulder seams from stretching out of shape. Cut a piece that’s slightly longer on either side, pin and zig zag in place. Once it’s sewn trim whatever you’re using to stabilize the seam down to size. Sew the shoulder seams together and press the seams towards the back.



To prepare the neckband start by pining the edges together and sewing them, then trim down your seam allowance to 0.5 cm. To get the band ready to sew you need to fold it in half lengthways wrong sides together and press, give it a good old press until it sits nicely.



The final neckband prep is to mark the points on the band where you’re going to attach it to the neckline of your top. Start by folding the neckband in half and marking with chalk and then folding it again, so essentially you are dividing the neckband into quarters.


Now we need to do the same thing to the top, so fold the top in half making sure you line up the edges and mark the points and then fold it again and mark.


With right sides together pin the neckband to the neck line of the top at the corresponding points.


I prefer to sew my neckbands only pinned at these four points and stretch the neckband to fit the top as I sew, I must stress that you need to be really careful not to stretch the actual garment as then you’ll end up with a bit of a gapey neckline going on and no one wants that. So if you feel more comfortable stretching the neckband to fit and pinning it all the way round before you sew it then go ahead and do it that way.


Once you’ve attached the neckband give it a good old press again so it sits it place, if you want to now you can topstitch around the neckband on the right side of the garment a couple of millimetres in from the edge. I chose not to do this on mine as it was quite narrow and I preferred it without the topstitching, if your neckband isn’t behaving itself then topstitching it will make it stay in place.


Now you’ve done the most complicated part go and get you self a cup of tea and/or gin as the rest is a doddle! Sew the side seams together and to finish off the armholes press up 1cm for a hem on the inside and sew round. You can use a zig zag stitch for this or a longer straight stitch. The same thing applies to the hem, press the hem width and then pin in place and stitch with your choice of a straight stitch or zig zag.


You can obviously use a overlocker/serger to do all this but I did this all on my trusty sewing machine because I have an irrational fear of overlockers and I haven’t bit the bullet and bought one yet!

Ta Dah! You’re all done and you can show off your fancypants new top!



THANK YOU so much Lisa- what an amazing tutorial! I can’t wait to see all your knit versions sew-a-longers and do go visit Tiny Stitcher and her amazing blog! X Gabby

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